4 secrets to a six pack abs

4 secrets to a six pack abs


So you want to know the secret to getting six pack abs? Today I'm going to share with you four secrets of getting a six-pack,  You want to know what it takes to have a six-pack?

how to get six pack abs

Secret Number One Is:

  •  Diet diligence. If you're in the gym and you're trying to get your six-pack totally from exercise it's not going to happen, you've got to eat clean but not just eat clean you have to track weight, and measure, and analyze most of your food choices, for most people if you want to have a six-pack you have to plan your meals, you've got to prep your meals, you have to have that calories down to an exact amount so that you're losing body fat. And you have to avoid things that tend to contribute to belly bloat and belly fat such as alcohol, sugar, fast food, processed food, restaurant food.

So if you're doing any of those things and you're in the gym doing a million crunches, you're probably never going to see your six-pack. The first secret of having six pack abs is diet diligence, abs are absolutely revealed in the kitchen.


Secret Number Two Is: 

  • Sacrifice. You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you want to have a six-pack and that I mean social events, parties, foods, things you want to do like  sleep in and skip your workout. If you want to have a six-pack, you're going to have to prioritize; your diet sticking on plan and eating those good clean foods and knowing how much you're eating and your workouts, because you can't miss them.

They have to be probably your third priority behind work and family that's it. You have to get your water in, you have to get your good amount of sleep, keep your stress level low, get your workout in and stick on your diet if you want to have a six-pack. And that my friends requires quite a lot of sacrifice. Only you can decide whether or not that's worth the sacrifice, however.

Secret Number Three to Getting a Six Pack Is: 

  • Prioritizing Your Workout. You don't miss work out and you've got to make sure that you're doing the right kind of workouts too. So you have to be strength training, you have to be doing core exercises but you also have to be doing metabolic conditioning, cardio, and interval training, in order to lose body fat.

The secret of having your six-pack show is having low body fat levels and usually for women that means under twenty percent, and in order to have and maintain body fat under twenty percent you've got to work out probably six days a week and you've got to be doing the right kind of workouts. You're going to want to be doing your strength training, you're going to want to be doing your ab exercises for sure, but you also need to be doing enough metabolic conditioning to lose body fat while you're watching your diet and practicing that diet diligence.   


Secret Number Four to Getting a Six Pack Is: 

  • Genetic's, That is the honest to God truth. Some people are going to be able to have a six-pack show more than others and some people are actually going to have more definition through their ab muscles than others, just based on their genetics

So sometimes when you're looking at people online and you wonder how come they managed to have such beautiful ABS not only are they putting in work but they probably also got lucky in the gene pool and happen to have genetics that allow them to display a six-pack very well. You can only do so much with your genetics and some people are going to have to be more diligent with their diet and prioritize their work outs even more than others just based on who their parents are and how their body holds body fat, that is the truth. 

I'm not trying to say people who have abs, don't work hard but some people have to work a little bit harder than others and some people are never necessarily going to have that kind of a body shape if that's not their genetics.

So if you are looking at the gym and you're trying to figure out which core exercises you can do to get a six pack, you're wasting your time. The four secrets of having a six pack are diet diligent, being pretty strict and very detailed about what you're eating and how much you're eating. 

Sacrificing social events; you're not going to the bar crawl, you're not going out with friends, you're getting up at 4:30 am and getting your workouts in, because your step number three was prioritizing your workouts second to only a few other commitments in life. You've got to be hitting the gym regularly if you're trying to keep and maintain a six-pack. And secret number four was your genetics, some people are going to have a better chance at having a six-pack than others.


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