Introducing our first eBook: Stick With it! How to stay motivated while pursuing your health and fitness goals by Patrick Dixon, founder of Eagle Eye Fitness.

Stick With It by Patrick Dixon provides 10 key secrets and tips to maintaining your healthy lifestyle changes, well passed the initial 4-6 week honeymoon period. Have you ever had a New Year’s resolution to become the fit and healthy you? Working hard, dieting, doing everything right and then you realized it was June and you were left wondering what happened, why did I stop?

This is completely normal with many fitness and health related goals. This eBook aims to help anybody who is looking for tips and tricks to keep motivated while pursuing their health goals, and ultimately, a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Learn how to:

  • Set goals
  • Make plans and stick to them
  • Meal prep
  • Create a workout template
  • And so much more!


The eBook also includes links to FREE downloadable templates to get you started.

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