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About us

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Eagle Eye Fitness was founded by Patrick Dixon, who holds a Bachelors degree in Science (Psychology) from the University of Pittsburgh. Patrick attended the University of Pittsburgh with a soccer scholarship and graduated with honors (High Distinction average) across all subjects. Prior to attending University, Patrick had spent two years on a soccer scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport where he completed his Certificate III and IV in fitness and personal training, gaining experience with some of the best athletes in the world. He is currently undertaking postgraduate studies to become a psychologist in Australia.As a qualified health professional, Patrick believes that his job is not only to train and educate, but motivate his clients to succeed.

“I started Eagle Eye Fitness because I wanted to create a judge free environment where people of all fitness and coordination levels could improve their health without having to worry about what they look like,” says Patrick Dixon, Founder and Trainer at Eagle Eye Fitness.

“Fitness has always been an important aspect of my life and as a competitive person I have continually relished the challenges fitness and sport have been able to provide for me. My aim is to guide my clients in a progressive manner to be able to compete against themselves in order to achieve their fitness goals”.